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Always Dreamin

Music & Lyrics Written by Sharyn Maceren
Produced by Glenn Gutierrez
Published by Sharyn Maceren Music Publishing (BMI)
Administered by Samixer Songs (BMI)

I know I've gotta make my move
'Cause I've just wasted time
Waiting for you
I know that if you really
Want something
You've gotta do
Whatever it takes

'Cause if I don't, my world will just
Stand still
Nothing will happen, baby
Nothing will
I've gotta hurry 'cause I
Want you now
I've gotta find my way somehow

But I'm—
Never seein' it come true
I am
Always Waiting for the day
When I'll wake up and finally find you
Right next to me
I'm ALWAYS DREAMIN' about you

Here I go again layin' in bed
With these dreams of you
Inside my head
I know I should I get up and call
Your house
But I guess that I'm just too shy
Pre-Chorus II
But what is shyness gonna do for me?
All it will do is make me feel lonely
I've gotta make this happen for myself
'Cause if it's not me
There'll be someone else

Music and Lyrics: by Sharyn Maceren

Produced and Mixed by: Glenn Gutierrez

Available on: Always Dreamin' [CD]    

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