© 2013 Designed by and for Sharyn Maceren and Ocean Dream Records. 


Music & Lyrics Written by Sharyn Maceren
Produced by Glenn Gutierrez
Published by Sharyn Maceren Music Publishing (BMI) & Planet Hype

I can't believe
That this happened to me
I feel so numb

But the tears

They say
It's real...

But that's not how i feel

I want you back
Keep on wonderin' where you're at

I hope
You always know
That i loved you that I loved you (that i loved you)
Was thinkin' of you
'Til our last day together
And even though
This life has taken you
Away from me
Always know
Always know
My heart is

So much
To say...

But can you still hear me?

Things haven't changed

Knew i'd love you for always...

Do you
Watch me

And see me here


I miss your laugh...

But now i know where you're at

Produced and Mixed by: Glenn Gutierrez

Available on: NIghttime Land [CD]   



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