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JUL-AUG 2013

Sharyn Maceren on "Endless Summer" the Video

So, tell us about the making of your new music video "Endless Summer".

I had a lot of fun coming up with the concept for the "Endless Summer" music video. I knew I wanted it to be romantic, so when I thought about my ideas of a romantic summer, I instantly thought of a day at the beach and/or at a carnival/fair. However, because we had already done a full-on music video at the beach ( with "In the Sunlight"), we decided to zoom in on having "Endless Summer" at the fair. From that point, I knew that I also wanted the video to capture "young love"... and "fun love"... you know, like the kind that you would see in an 80's teen movie. For specificity, I pointed out (to director Teddy Gyi) the date scene from the original Karate Kid movie (with Ralph Macchio and Elisabeth Shue).

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This is the first music video where you have a love interest. How was that?

It was pretty fun and pretty nervewracking at the same time (laughs). I don't know... I am just so... private when it comes to being seen with a boy and my private life and things like that, so... even though this was just a "music video",

I would often find myself kind of anxious about how people would react to that. Aside from that,

though, it was pretty cool. For casting, there was a specific look that we were going for

in this video, and out of everyone that applied for the part, actor Cameron Mark Lewis had "it".

The funny thing is that... we never actually met in person until the first day of filming (our first

scene together), but after the shoot was done, director Teddy Gyi exclaimed, "I knew you two

would photograph well together."



You also shot part of your music video at a beach house. What was that like?

Ah, it was amazing! I wish we got to use more footage from the beach or from the other parts of the house (I especially loved this one room with an ocean view. Yummy!). For the look of the video, though, the main feature that they wanted to highlight was my performance footage in front of an "ice cube" wall. There, I did a lot of slam dancing where I would slam my back against the cubes... and the funny thing was that, the next morning, my back was aching badly... and I had no idea why. Then I remembered the video... and obviously, that was the culprit.

The reason behind my "Endless Summer" backache.

I loved this room! I wished we could have used some footage from this area, but the vision for the video was mainly the performance shots in front of the ice cubes

Our one photobooth

strip we took that day

during filming!


(l-r: Sharyn Maceren

and actor

Cameron Mark Lewis)

You had a few wardrobe changes in this video. Any details behind the looks.

Well, once we focused on filming at the fair, everything revolved around that. We had an outfit that I used when performing "Endless Summer" that's like this butterfly top and tutu... and it just had the vibe and color scheme that totally reflected the look of the carnival, so that's how that costume came about. From there, we wanted the outfit that I'd be wearing during the "date scene" to kind of pick up those colors... (but also be kind of simple and a bit dressy in its own way), so we ended up getting this silky coral tank with a lavendar bikini top underneath and mint green short shorts and a gold Michael Kors belt and tan and gold sandals. The final outfit that we chose for the driving scene actually came out at the last minute. Initially, we had another simple look for that, as well... but when we had to put it against the look we had for Cameron, we had to change it at the last minute and go with this coral jumper. Pinks and corals with hints of mint, lavender, and gold were the colors in my color scheme... while Cameron's looks were based on shades of blues and khakhi.

You call this video a short film versus just a music video. Why is that?

Well, because the video goes on longer than the song. It's probably going to be somewhere

around the 10 minute mark. Originally, the video was just going to be a typical-sized music video... but after we shot all the necessary scenes... it inspired director Teddy Gyi to develop the video even further and add this whole other dimension to it that... was just so beyond my scope. I had no idea this video would go there... but it did. Teddy was just so inspired by the filming Cameron and I did at the fair that... it became more than just this

young-love, summer romance kind of video to... well--- you'll see.

The color scheme for our outfits for the "date scene"

My outfit for the "date scene": a silky coral tank, mint green short shorts and a gold Michael Kors belt.

My outfit for the performance scenes: a butterfly sequinned top and a pink tutu!

How did the music inspire the music video?

Well, to me... the song is very electric and sexy and fun and romantic... and so, that's definitely the main reason why the idea of the fair even came to me. The music, itself, has a very summery feel, to me, and that was another reason I imagined the fair and the bright lights. Also, the intro of the song starts off with this "booming" sound... and so I initially imagined fireworks, as well... but the fireworks in the sky that we filmed never made it into the video. Lyrically, the song is all about not wanting goodness and/or a dream (or fantasy) to end... so that was kind of on my mind as we were filming, just thinking, "Aw, this is cool. This moment. You know, at one point... this song was just a dream, and then... another day, the music video was just a dream... and then finally this moment was just a dream, but right then and there, we all made it happen. It was really surreal and such a blessing for me and um... I was able to, kind of, be in that mindset because of the song.

Any last messages you want to share regarding the music video?

Well, basically, the song is about dream-come-trues and not wanting a dream or a fantasy to end. I had a lot of fun creating this video of mine thanks to everyone involved... so...


I want to give a special shout to music producer Manuel "Sir Elegance" Lopez, Jr. who produced "Endless Summer". It all started with the dream of working with you... and because of that, we have this. Thank you!!!!!! . . . Thank you to director Teddy Gyi for tackling this project while working on your own masterpiece (the upcoming feature film, "Refuge"). This video could not have been done without you! Thank you thank you thank you! . . .  Thanks to director Brian G. Reyes for making the performance shots so fun and easy ...and for being TEAM SUNKISSED! You always bring a smile on set... Extra Shout for being the official photographer for the Endless Summer CD Cover! #Sunkissed! . . . Thank you to actor Cameron Mark Lewis for being a part of the video and for being an awesome co-star! We had so much fun together! You really are an endless summer! . . . Thank you to my makeup artist Salvi Marie! Your makeup artistry is FIRE! Thanks for always makin' it hot! Luv you! #TeamGoodLife . . . Thank you to hairstylist Armi Stiz! You hooked it up! Thanks & Muah!!! . . . Thank you to producer DJ Pickee for the "Endless Summer" remix! Can't wait to hear what else you're working on! Thank you!!! . . . Thank you to Alex Acosta Thank you for being a part of this, too! I can't wait to see what you're gonna do with your scene! _HS REPRESENT!!! . . . Lastly, to all my L0VVVVVVVIES... thank you for supportin' me non-stop and for making my musical journey a lovely one! You know I appreciate all the energy and sunlight you all share with me... I hope you guys enjoy this video as much as we enjoyed making all this.


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Film Production Company:

Tavoy FIlms International


Teddy Gyi

Brian G. Reyes

Lead Actor:

Cameron Mark Lewis

Supporting Actor:
Alex Acosta

Supporting Actress:
Sarah Rose Butler

Hair Stylist:
Armi Stiz

Makeup Artist:
Salvi Marie
Music Producer:

Manuel "Sir Elegance" Lopez, Jr.


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