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Love's High

Music & Lyrics Written by Sharyn Maceren
Produced by Glenn Gutierrez
Published by Sharyn Maceren Music Publishing (BMI)
Administered by Samixer Songs (BMI)

I used to fiend
For the love you used to give me
I was addicted
To the way you made me feel
A kiss from you helped me escape
Into another world
Love was dream but we
Pretended it was real

But after all this time, it's changed
It's not as easy to get high
I want to inhale all your love
I want to feel it deep this time
Because Love's High
Has worn out
Give me
Another hit

I wanna go higher

I guess that we can handle
More love than we used to
'Cause love seemed stronger
When the love was still brand new
Remember when our world
Held nothing else but you and I
Remember when your touch
Could make me kiss the sky

Music and Lyrics: by Sharyn Maceren

Produced and Mixed by: Glenn Gutierrez

Available on: Always Dreamin' [CD]    

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