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First of all, I want to say a Big, Big thank you to every single one of you who have supported the new single, "He"! Thank you for making it a bestseller on iTunes already! I didn't expect it to get to the top as quickly as it did, so thank you for surprising me and thank you for letting me know that you guys love it just as much as I do :) I truly appreciate all the love and support.

I hardly knew him before . . . I'd only seen him afar . . . But I knew . . . I loved him . . .

He always watched out for me . . . He always cared about me . . . and I knew . . . he loved me

And suddenly I was sure

I felt so safe and secure
Like nothing in this world could touch me

And suddenly I knew love

It fell down straight from above

And that is why they say I'm lucky


——— "He" by Sharyn Maceren


... I remember when I started writing "He". It was during a time that I was planning on being more "acoustic". I believe I wrote this (song) while I was playing the acoustic guitar.


Lyrically, I was inspired some time after a show. For some reason, I felt kind of alone... The loneliness then dissipated and a feeling of security enraptured me.
It was a pretty random moment (in my life) where I just felt so saved by love.

One of my biggest fans, Welbert Rodrigo (from Brazil), asked me:


"Were you in love when you wrote this song?"


Well, the answer to that is "Yes"— but to be honest, the love that I was describing here is a love that emanates from the depths of my soul. "He" and another track on "Sunkissed" are probably two of my most soulful songs I've ever written and recorded. If you wanted to know what my soul sounds like, I would tell you to listen to these two tracks.

. . . Regarding the release of "He" . . .  well... "He" wasn't actually supposed to be released at this time. Another single was supposed to come out first, but for one reason or another— we had to postpone that single for a future release date. When it came time to figure out which single to release in its place, I immediately thought of "He". This time of  year should be a time of joy and spirit— and especially in times of despair— I wanted to bring out something that could offer hope and faith. Out of all the songs on "Sunkissed", I knew that "He" could do that.


Anyways— thanks, again, to every single one of you who help spread the word about the new music! If you love "He" as much as I do, please do us a favor and leave a review at your favorite online store (iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, etc.)!

The music video for this single seems like it's gonna be pretty raw! I'm going to be doing something in it that I have never done before. (It should be coming out for Christmas!) XXO

With lots of love and peace and security . . .