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Dance Lovers Exposed to Feelings this Season with Sharyn Maceren's "Numb"

When Dance/Pop Star and Recording Artist Sharyn Maceren creates a new record, there is always a meaning and an intent. When it came time to create "Numb", Sharyn's purpose was to highlight the feeling of keeping your emotions so close to the chest that you don't even realize you have them. Sharyn explains, "I actually thought about writing this for a male artist, so I wanted to incorporate a theme that I thought guys could relate to. But as I was writing it, I definitely recognized that this was an experience I could relate to myself."

To help create the feels that Sharyn is known for bringing to your speakers, Sharyn received help from main producer, Lenny Ruckus. "With the original mix," Sharyn shares, "Lenny helped me create the Dance/Pop sound I was looking for." As always, Lenny brought in one of his signature vibes: "The Glitch-iness". "Overall," Sharyn explains, "this is the version that totally encapsulates what the heart of the song is supposed to sound like."

Helping Sharyn to bring these mixes to life at clubs and festivals are the core group of DJs/producers/remixers that have assisted her with her latest releases: Wooddrowe brings the hard-hitting Club/Festival mix that blasts out the sound systems. Lenny Ruckus's mix brings the worldly, fantastical experience with his Mainstage mix. Joey Mazzola & MASiiVO (MASiiVO is Beauxtech and Lenny Ruckus) bring this electric, soul-tinged, hypnotic, Funky House atmosphere with their banger. And Starla and Vega (the alias used by Sharyn Maceren and Lenny Ruckus when they produce as a duo) deliver a heart-wrenching Future Breaks/Future Freestyle to round out the set.

Sharyn explains, "The whole purpose of music is to give you the feels, so I am so excited for the opportunity to give our fans and listeners our interpretations of what "Numb" is supposed to feel like." If you enjoy the record and the entire remix pack, and you want to support Sharyn Maceren music— pre-order your copy of the DJ Pack (extended mixes) at Beatport and/or the Radio Pack (radio edits) at iTunes. "Numb" is Sharyn's latest release from her artist-run record label, Ocean Dream Records.

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