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Sharyn Maceren Gets 3rd Summer Hit with "Feel the Dream"

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

It was all a dream when Sharyn Maceren wrote all the anthems that are finally coming out this Summer 2022. But when Sharyn finally released her 2nd Single and DJ Pack called "Love You Again" (from her future upcoming 5th album)— little did she know that two collaborations that she was a part of would follow up so soon after.

The first release to follow is the Joey Mazzola x MASiiVO x Sharyn Maceren collaboration: "So Good" (released 7.29.22) released on the Super Hi label. And now, we have learned that Wooddrowe is coming in with the "Who Turned the Lights Off in My Dream" EP, which features the Sharyn Maceren collab called, "Feel the Dream".

"Feel the Dream" is a bit unlike anything you would expect from a Wooddrowe and Sharyn Maceren collaboration. It is a nostalgic throwback to early Progressive House/Trance anthems, mixed with modern-day Dance/ElectroPop vibes. Vocally, it's sweet, yet still anthemic. And lyrically, it is everything you would expect from Sharyn. Overall, it is an anthem worth waiting for.

Grab the full release "Who Turned the Lights Off in My Dream" EP at Beatport

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