© 2013 Designed by and for Sharyn Maceren and Ocean Dream Records. 


Music & Lyrics Written by Sharyn Maceren
Produced by Glenn Gutierrez
Published by Sharyn Maceren Music Publishing (BMI)
Administered by Samixer Songs (BMI)

It's a beautiful day
Just a second ago it rained
Then out came the sun
And I saw the most beautiful someone

Long, curly brown hair
I had the funniest feeling
Down somewhere
Then a rainbow appeared
It was telling me that love is near

I see a rainbow
I see a rainbow
Whenever that girl walks by
Heavenly colors
Heavenly colors
They're kissing in the sky

You're the pot of gold
You're the treasure that I want
To hold
So tight underneath
Underneath my bedroom sheets

It's something so new
But I could see it
happening with you, yeah
Just look up to the sky
Is it something that you
Wanted to try?

Music and Lyrics: by Sharyn Maceren

Produced and Mixed by: Glenn Gutierrez
Available on: Always Dreamin' [CD]

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