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Note from SHARYN
In this issue, I wanted to do something different.

In this issue, I want it to be all about Y0U!

First, I'll share some of my own new faves,

but in the end, I want to learn all about you and what you're up to so that

we can continue to grow together

during 2013's #YearoftheSun!
Share your answers with me on the bottom! #LetsGo


LB: Hi Sharyn! How is everything going?

Everything is going great, thank you. (Pauses) You know, lately, I have been going through a lot of personal transformation, but I feel like I am where I am supposed to be. I feel like I'm at the level that "Sunkissed" (the album) needs me to be at, and that's at a level of maintaining your personal power, amidst any challenges or struggles. That's what the album is about and I'm glad to be at that point again.

LB: Sweet! So how is your new single "Endless Summer" coming along?

It's coming along great, thanks! The video has surpassed views, on average, compared to #ITS and #LTGL already... and I am proud to say that it has become my latest #1 single on both Amazon and iTunes, so Thank You, Everyone!!! ;) Hopefully, with everyone's support, we can take it even further, so if you love it... you know what to do! Continue to Share+ it and spread the word!

LB: Cool! Okay, so said that you wanted this issue to be different and that you wanted it to be all about your #famz #smfamouscrew #readers #guests, right? Okay, well, the first question that I have for you and everyone else is: 

What are you listening to now?

My Instagram folks probably know because I share a lot of my #nowplaying with them, but for those of you that don't know, I'm listening to a lot of fun and energetic #Pop music like One Direction's "Best Song Ever" (that's still my current fave because it makes me feel so good), Britney Spears' "Work B**ch" (because it helps keep my business side in check haha!), and "All I Want" (off my "Sunkissed" album--- because it is always that one song that I can go to whenever I need a pick-me-up). Other than that, today, I was still playing Miley's "We Can't Stop" because it's just one of those feel-good anthems that's chill but has a motivating feel. I still dig it.

What about Y0U? #WhatAreYouListeningTo #AnswerNumberOne


LB: Okay, now what about movies? What movies have you watched or are interested in watching?

I haven't gone to the theater much lately, but when I will go, I want to watch Don Jon. I love the concept of how movies and media can sometimes screw people's perceptions of things, and how that could ultimately affect some people's relationships. Aside from that, I thought the trailer was fabulous! And, well, it doesn't hurt that it stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Scarlett Johansson! #WhatMovieDoYouWantToWatch


LB: What about celebrity crushes? There's always talk about #MCM or #WCW. Do you have any?


Sure, I do... although, I hardly ever post mine, for some reason. Um, let's see... my latest #MCMs would be either Diego Boneta or Zayn Malik. Even though

one of my hugest crushes from back in the day isn't even into girls... I have to admit I had a huge crush on Wentworth Miller from Prison Break! My #WCWs go to Kate Upton, Scarlett Johnasson, and Kourtney Kardashian. #WhosYourCelebrityCrush

LB: What are your fave websites nowadays?

I think my favorite web site, nowadays, is Instagram. It's just the least intrusive web site, I feel, and... I feel very free to be myself there and very open to interacting with others there. It's just fun and chill. I like that. Other than IG, I still like Facebook sometimes when I need to be more verbal or when I need/want to connect with people I know more fully... and, of course, YouTube... because that's where we get to share the music videos! #WhatAreYourFaveWebsites



LB: What about Reality Television... Any guilty pleasures there?

Oh, definitely! I think all my closest friends don't really care much for the Kardashians, but I find their shows to be wildly entertaining and fun. They're my favorite family to watch on television, that's for sure. So, yeah... #KUWTK. I also like this reality program with David Tutera, which is kind of like a modern-day Cinderella reality show about soon-to-be brides; I think that show is fun...  And... that's all I can think of right now. #WhatsYourFaveRealityTVShow


LB: Okay, and what books have you been reading lately?

One of my favorite books is called "The Magic of Thinking Big"; I've been reading that again lately. And... although it's not the book... I liked watching "The Secret", which is based on the book, as I enjoy anything about positive thinking. #positivity #WhatBooksAreYouReading


LB: What are your favorite music videos lately? What are your least favorite?

Um... even though Miley's "We Can't Stop" was a bit racy, I thought it was (visually) original and memorable, you know, different, unique... all that fun stuff, so I liked that. "Wrecking Ball"— I liked the close up shots; I thought Miley did an amazing job on that part, although, on the whole, I would have preferred the video without the naked bit and the sledgehammer bit, but that's just me haha. "Pour It Up", sadly to say... I expected something different. "Pour It Up" was one of my favorite songs from Rihanna's "Unapologetic" album... and... I guess, for me, it was just the case of the song bringing to mind a different visual for me than what they came up with... but hey! Everybody has different visions, so I'm not knockin' it... #jussayin. 


LB: Okay, and last but not least... Halloween is coming up soon. Are you planning on dressing up this year? 

I might. I planned on dressing up as a cheerleader, but I don't know if I'm going to save that for a future music video. We'll see...

Now, it's your turn. Tell me the 8 #ThingsAboutYou! ;)