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The Anatomy of Making an Album

January 22, 2018

I do not believe I had ever shared much of the album-making process when working on my previous albums, "Always Dreamin'", "Nighttime Land", and "Sunkissed". I think I was used to just working behind-the-scenes and not really documenting it, but I really want to do that this time.


I have tried sharing uber-small snippets of some of my favorite songs that I have written so far (and I mean uber-uber-small). Yesterday, I tried sharing a little bit more ... but then I realized that many of you, as listeners, have only or mostly heard songs in their final forms— so you may not be as familiar with hearing a song in an uber-raw form.


Me, as an artist... I sometimes might start off writing a song in my head while I am walking somewhere. Other times, I might try recording an idea of a melody into my Audio Notes on my cell phone. Other times, I may try writing on a piano or with a guitar... or just recording lyrics or melodies onto a notebook.


Once I find an idea that I think might be worth capturing, I then proceed to, possibly, recording temporary lyrics and/or melodies onto a recording device (usually with an instrument accompanying me). This time around, I am also recording fuller demos, meaning not just piano/vocals and/or guitar/vocals--- I am recording vocal stacks, maybe a bass line, the main instrument, and drums. But even that--- will be at its lowest level as demos usually start off at, like, Version 1.0---- and to get to the final version can take numerous drafts and mixing and mastering. Plus, recording videos at a certain quality can affect the way you hear a song, too. Lastly, I also decided to share a song "idea" that just came to me (meaning... it may not even be something "special") haha, you know? Like, thoughts can come to you all the time... but ,as artists, we have to weed through the random thoughts that can come at random times and specifically select the songs that we feel have the most energy and the most heart and the most thought, etc. etc.


So, basically... I have to find a way to let you in on the album-making process without forgetting that you guys hear things from such a different view point, meaning that I just have to be very selective in what I decide to share with you guys... and when.


Anyways... I am not sure why I wrote all of this except for the fact that I want you guys to understand the anatomy of the album-making process so that you can see that one single thought that was shared was simply that. What my producers and I have collected so far is totally in a different vein that what I have shared so far.... so please note that what you may have heard is not really indicative of what we are planning to bring to you.


I have to start figuring out how to be more involved in giving you guys a glimpse of what we are doing, but just know that, as I've mentioned many times before ... this is something that I am really excited about and energized about and it is something that I know you will love!


Thank you, all, for supporting me and wanting to share this experience with me!


OH! Before I go, let me know if you are a music-buying head :D --- and if so, do you prefer buying albums on CDs? mp3 albums? Albums on Vinyl? Or are you "green" and prefer buying albums "on-demand" as CD-Rs?


Okay, everyone! I will chat with you soon. Please feel free to leave me a note at the bottom. I would love to hear from all of you here. Muah!



Sharyn Maceren



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