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Working on New Album - Album #4

December 29, 2017



If you guys have been watching me over on Facebook, you would see that i recently began working on new music for my upcoming fourth album. I don't even know how it happened. It was like magic... but to be honest, it was really more heaven-sent. I know that god has a plan for me and i know that I am one of his creators of music and so I create again.


This time, I know the music will be more powerful. especially for my fans that love freestyle music. Through time, I have been called and known to be one of the core artists and leaders of West Coast Freestyle music... but out of all my albums.... this album will be my love album to my freestyle fans and to freestyle music. It will be the fleshiest Freestyle album I have ever made. I will give my heart, soul, tears, sweat, angst, anguish, heartache... I will give it my everything.


I am having so much fun making this album... I can't believe how much we have done so far in 20 days alone. In just 20 days, one of my producers and I have worked, collaborated, and seriously joined together on five tracks for this new album already. Two songs, so far, have my heart... and they are still only in their earliest versions. It is a gift every time I get a new revision and see how a song just keeps blooming and blooming, starting from a seed and morphing in minutes, days, etc. etc.



Lately, I have had fun getting my fans involved in the thought process that i go through when making an album: album titles, album tracks, etc. etc. .... I think about EVERYTHING. Everything matters to me. I do not like fillers. I do not like doing things simply for the sake of doing things. When i do something, it has to matter. Like this new album: the lyrics, the music, the production, the release date... everything matters to me. I pray to God to have the opportunity to see this album through. I anticipate the day we get to give it to you. Until then, enjoy the ride with me.



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