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The "Outside" DJ Pack is a Dance EP But Was Labeled "Electronica". See if the EP was able to Chart!

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

Sharyn Maceren's music is mainly considered Dance music, so when iTunes labeled the new Remix EP as Electronica, we were unsure if it had possibility to chart. Nevertheless, the DJs, Fans, and Listeners created a way for the new DJ Pack to chart again— this time on the "Electronic" Chart, getting us to land in the Top 20. We love all the remixes and are stoked you do, too! Continue to spread the word about the "Outside" (DJ Extended Pack)! Be sure to tell your friends and spread the word about all the remixes by Wooddrowe, Joey Mazzola & MASiiVO, Lenny Ruckus, and Starla and Vega!

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