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Sharyn Maceren The Crown

Sharyn Maceren

World's #1 Dreamqueen of Future Dance


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About Sharyn Maceren

Introducing Sharyn Maceren: The World's Number #1 Dreamqueen of Future Dance. Not one to be confined to a single genre, Sharyn has fearlessly delved into various Dance sub-genres since the release of her Billboard-charting debut single— up to her latest release "The Crown". But it is her collaborations with producer Lenny Ruckus that has truly transformed her, propelling her sound into the realm of the future. With their revolutionary approach, Sharyn has claimed the coveted #1 spot on Beatport's Mainstage Releases chart, as well as iTunes' Dance and House Albums charts.


Since the midst of the pandemic, Sharyn has unleashed a series of remix packs in collaboration with Lenny Ruckus, Wooddrowe, Joey Mazzola & MASiiVO, and Cadiz. Now, Sharyn Maceren has dropped her fourth single (and remix pack), the rave-influenced "The Crown,". With early support by Top 100 DJs like Don Diablo and Juicy M— it proves that this Mainstage anthem is made for festivals, raves, and the most electrifying DJs on the planet.

When asked what inspired "The Crown", Sharyn says, "I found inspiration in Rave anthems like Dom Dolla's 'Miracle Maker,' Matt Guy's 'Set My Mind Free,' and D.O.D's 'Set Me Free.' As someone who has always enjoyed rave music, I'm excited about releasing my first anthem in this style." Sharyn mentions, "Clementine Douglas is also a huge influence for me right now. Her soulful approach to Dance music truly resonates with me, and I absolutely love her work!"

"My big dreams in music are to perform at festivals like EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) and Tomorrowland; to collaborate one day with some of my favorite DJs like Tiesto, David Guetta, and Dom Dolla; and sign with labels like Insomniac Records, Musical Freedom, and Armada Music. There are so many fun dreams to have in the Dance music world, but I feel like I am living them out already. Festival is in the heart... and that is what I want to bring to my fans and audience with the music."

"The Crown" is out now (release date July 25, 2023). It is currently a Beatport Top 15 Release in Mainstage (position: #13).

Latest Accomplishments

December 2022

December 2022

August 2022

December 2021

December 2021

"Numb" becomes a #1 Bestseller at Beatport in the Funky House Top 100 Charts.

"Numb" goes #1 in Dance albums Top 100 at the iTunes US Store.

"Love You Again" (DJ Pack) peaks at #2 on Beatport's Mainstage Releases Top 100 Chart.

"Outside" (DJ Extended Pack) becomes a #1 Bestseller at Beatport in Mainstage Top 100 Releases Charts.

"Outside" EP goes #1 on iTunes US Dance Albums Top 100 Chart.

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