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Posted 5/11/2020

Sharyn Maceren Finds Her Purpose

and Brings "God Only Knows" to the World in the Year 2020

Sharyn Maceren is a bestselling Singer, Songwriter, and Producer who began her entertainment career when she was just a teen

Quick Facts



Sharyn Maceren


SHARE-in muh-SARE-in




Filipino and Spanish


Recording Artist


February 26






San Francisco Girls Chorus


Plays piano and guitar (by ear)


San Francisco State University


BA in English (Creative Writing)

Graphic Design (Study Abroad)


Billboard Charts

Amazon #1 Bestseller

iTunes Top 10 Dance Album

Beatport Top 15 Dance Release


Writing her own Music and Lyrics


Ocean Dream Records

Sharyn Maceren, Billboard-charting Dance Artist and iTunes Bestselling Singer-Songwriter— is back on the scene with a brand new EP titled "God Only Knows". In its first minutes of its release, we can already thank fans and listeners all across the US, as "God Only Knows" EP is already a #2 Bestselling Dance Album at iTunes!


The "God Only Knows" EP— a five-track Dance collection based on a Grammy award-winning song by for KING & COUNTRY— is an art piece that Sharyn Maceren has been working on with producer, Lenny Ruckus, since last September.

Q: So, why "God Only Knows"?

The song is just so beautiful. And I feel the message is one of the most profound sentiments that I could share: the idea that, in all of our feelings of struggle and isolation and hardships, we are not alone.


Also, musically and lyrically, it is just so beautiful.

Of course, I had to put my own special twist in there to make this my own. And I think we did that.

Q: So why release "God Only Knows" now?

Well, the truth is that I was hoping to release this EP last September. That was when we started working on it. But, a lot  of projects happened between then and now. And I just asked God what was His plan for me. And true story, the only thing I felt God instructing me to do was to release this record. And to wait until it was the right time to release it. And now was the time.


Q: Do you think now is the right time to share this message?

In my opinion, I think this message is timeless.

Q: Do you think this song could help people going through hard times right now during this pandemic?

I sure hope so. I have gone through many, many hard times, myself, but the thing that my parents have always taught me was to have faith. And it is faith that has helped me overcome any and every darkness I have ever gone through. So, that was definitely my purpose in releasing this song: to share the gift and message of faith.

"This song is a part of my purpose. I hope that this will just be the beginning of what I am set out to do."

"God Only Knows" EP is a #2 Bestselling Dance Album at iTunes. It is available everywhere.

Spotify it. Then, Buy it at iTunes now!

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Photo from the "God Only Knows" cover. Photography by Phil Emerson

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